April 14, 2010

iPhone OS 4.0 will Have Camera Flash

Apple is going to add the much awaited camera flash to iPhone OS 4.0, which will be released this summer. Having flash light on iPhones will improve the quality of pictures and videos taken in dark places or low light venues. Apple has released the first beta of iPhone OS 4.0 after the Apple event and the OS has got a new framework that will give developers access to new camera functions.

The new iPhone 4.0 framework includes three telling new functions labeled as AVCaptureDevice.hasFlash, AVCaptureDevice.flashMode, and AVCaptureDevice.hasTorch. Let’s analysis the three functions first:

  1. AVCaptureDevice.hasFlash – Might be useful to check if an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad includes a camera flash or not
  2. AVCaptureDevice.flashMode – This mode is to activate the flash mode
  3. AVCaptureDevice.hasTorch – Kind of eference to a flashlight function powered by the camera flash, or a “torch” (flash is refereed as torch in UK)

You can expect many more improvements and features along with camera flash from iPhone OS 4.0. There are even rumors that the next generation iPhone might feature a 5-megapixel camera sensor. We will only come to know about it once Apple confirms the report.

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