March 30, 2010

Windows Live W4: Live Writer

Windows Live Writer

With the ribbon hidden again, we can see that Writer hasn't changed much at all either, though again the icons in the top left are there for quick access (it's no surprise Microsoft cleverly calls it the Quick Access Toolbar). Category and the publish date have been moved up to the top, directly under the Ribbon. It seems a bit cleaner, a bit more professional if you will (it is a blogging app after all).

The File menu is once again looking like it should. Well, except for this bug we spotted: it seems the text is wrapped in such a way that it is pushing the white background frame right out of the menu. It's likely fixed in a later build.

In Writer the tabs are particularly useful: it really feels like you're using Microsoft Word tailored specifically to blogs, which is great.

The options have been revamped a bit to include all the new features that you'll spot after using the new Writer after a few hours.

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