March 30, 2010

Windows Live W4: Live Mail

Windows Live Mail

We've hidden the ribbon in this first screenshot so that you can see the changes to the rest of the application. The most noticeable is the calendar and events integration (right side) on the main page. There are also shortcut icons in the top left that you can access even if you prefer having the ribbon hidden (the sync button is particularly useful). One annoying changed that we noticed was that reply icons no longer appear when you reply to an e-mail; it's very confusing.

Here are the five ribbon tabs. We can assume the last one will be gone by launch. The Accounts tab is a bit odd as it only has two options. Overall, most of the options are pretty much the same as in previous versions, but they're easier to access now.

Here is the new file menu that comes with the ribbon. It's nothing special, but it does include import and export functions not available in the ribbon.

The ribbon has also made its way to the New Message and New Event windows. As you can see in the Event ribbon, there are now a lot more options and they're all much easier to find. Oh, you wanted the tabs for New Message as well?

Here you go. The second and third tabs are barely used and could probably be merged together if there was a good keyword that encompassed them both. Actually, we can see how Insert could remain and the third tab could be killed completely with some good shuffling around (there's a lot of insert-like behaviors in the Message tab that can be moved over).

On the whole, it seems to us like Windows Live Mail is getting closer to Outlook, which is a good thing if you remember that it's a completely free application.

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