March 26, 2010

China Hands Down New Rules on Media Coverage of Google

A new set of rules and instructions from the Chinese government itself suppresses China media outlets from reporting almost anything about Google’s recent pull out from China.

The instructions, nabbed by China Digital Times, outline a series of rather disturbing edicts to media outlets that are covering the Google story. While this is nothing new, the Chinese government’s broad and suppressive mandates are still striking.

In the next section of this article, I am including not only the Chinese Government’s memo, but my analysis of it as well.

China’s Message to Media: A Breakdown

China’s message is indented; my analysis is below each part. I have bolded parts that I believe are important.

“All chief editors and managers:

Google has officially announced its withdrawal from the China market. This is a high-impact incident. It has triggered netizens’ discussions which are not limited to a commercial level. Therefore please pay strict attention to the following content requirements during this period:”

Analysis: Clearly China is taking this incident seriously. The government understands that Google’s move out of China could make its censorship methods more widely known among the Chinese populous and it could affect its relationships with other companies.


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