October 27, 2016

Download Google Pixel, XL USB Drivers (ADB+Fastboot)

If you are trying to connect your phone to USB cable and phones doesn’t show up on your PC, then go ahead and install the drivers listed here.

Visit this link and download Windows ADB, Fastboot and USB Drivers – 15 seconds ADB Installer v1.4.3

1. Once the file is saved on your desktop, The tool is a single “.EXE” application. Run the “adb-setup-.exe” which you downloaded and You will see a welcome screen on your Windows PC.


2. Type “Y” and then press enter on the first screen to start the installation of Google Pixel, XL USB Drivers.

3. Again, type “Y” and press enter. To install all the latest ADB and Fastboot files on your Windows PC.


4. Once the process will complete and a message will appear on the screen to “Install Device Drivers.” You have to select Yes (Y) here to download and install Google Pixel, XL USB Drivers.


5. Once you press enter, the program will automatically detect whether you have a 64-Bit or 32-Bit installation of Windows and launch the driver setup respectively Click NEXT button and start the USB drivers installation on your PC.

6. Now you have successfully installed ADB / Fastboot files along with Google Pixel, XL USB Drivers. Click “Finish” and the installation wizard, as well as the ADB / Fastboot installer tool, will exit.

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