December 23, 2010

Facebook update hits Windows Phone 7

On Wednesday, Microsoft made available an update to the Windows Phone 7 Facebook application, which is available for free on the marketplace. Before today, Windows Phone 7 users have had a frustrating time using Facebook on their phones. The application was slow, non-responsive and lacked many features. 

The update comes with some noteable new features, including Facebook Places (with your GPS, too), in-app photo tagging, as well as allowing the application to continue running under screen lock (A feature we couldn't live without), as well as a massive performance increase.

The update also features a slightly different interface, with larger fonts, and the application is responsive to the touch while still loading. Even so, we aren't quite sure why the keyboard still doesn't match the application though -- when the dark theme is selected, the keyboard shows up black even though the entire application is white and blue.

With the Windows Phone 7 marketplace surpassing 4000 applications and Microsoft announcing that they had shipped 1.5 Million devices, it's been a big week for Windows Phone 7. To get the application, go to the applications page on Zune; or visit the marketplace on your phone to grab the update.

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