December 22, 2010

Apple Releases iPhoto 9.1.1

A few minutes ago Apple released an update to iPhoto ’11, which adds new email features and improves the overall stability of the app. The new version is available now on Software Update or on Apple’s website.

Full changelog below.

- Adds a preference allowing photos to be emailed using an external email application

- Adds “Classic” and “Journal” themes to email.

- Photos attached to an email can now be sized to Small, Medium or Large

- Improves reliability when upgrading a library from an earlier version of iPhoto

- iPhoto now correctly preserves the sort order of Events after upgrading a library

- Event titles displayed in headers can now be edited in Photos view

- Addresses a problem that could cause duplicate photos to be added to a MobileMe album

- Scrolling overlay now correctly displays ratings when photos are sorted by rating

- Photos are now sorted correctly when a rating is changed and photos are sorted by rating

- Fixes a problem that could cause text formatting controls to become inaccessible when editing a calendar

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