November 4, 2010

Windows Phone 7 in demand in the U.K.

Nearly two weeks have passed since the launch of Windows Phone 7 in the United Kingdom and the news on early sales seems to be good if reports on Yahoo are anything to go by. Windows Phone 7 devices from a host of companies went on sale on October 21 in the UK, Samsung and HTC had their devices in most phone shops ready for the launch despite talk of low stocks. While LG's Optimus 7 Windows Phone 7 device took a few more days to arrive but is now on sale across various carriers including Vodafone.

The report said that the U.K. Carrier, Orange, has had to turn away some customers who have been after Windows Phone 7 devices, even providing some customers with money off vouchers if they were not successful in getting their hands on one. Though some reports have said that this is more likely to be due to a lack of devices making their way to stores still rather than high demand.

The first few days of the Windows Phone 7 launch in the UK didn't create much buzz, though this was mostly due to there being hardly any phone stores advertising devices on their window displays or even making mention of them in-store. The good news is that things have changed in recent days with a host of adverts for Windows Phone 7 running on TV and in magazines. Microsoft even made sure that they got into prime time viewing by running their "Really" advert during "The X-Factor" on Saturday night.

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