November 2, 2010

Twitter adds 30 million users; Growing as fast as Facebook

Twitter seems to have exploded in the last few months, making an impressive amount of headway in the social network realm in the past year. Twitter has added over 30 million users in the past two months, according to TechCrunch.

Since the launch of the new Twitter home page two months ago, the site has acquired over 30 million users. The new design could explain the massive increase in users over the last two months, as the sites re-design is much easier to use and navigate, not to mention it actually looks nice.

What's more surprising is Twitter is actually growing as fast as Facebook, the number one social network in the world. Both Facebook and Twitter are growing by 15 million members per month, as more and more users are joining on the social network bandwagon.

Twitter is now 175 million members strong, but Facebook is still far ahead of pack with 500 million users announced back in July, and an estimated 545 million users as of today.

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