October 27, 2010

Microsoft targets Asus and Acer in Android patent battle

Microsoft has been eying a patent lawsuit against Taiwan-based companies Asus and Acer. The reasoning behind this is due to a number of patents that Microsft believe are being infringed upon in regards to Android-based hardware. Just last month, Microsoft launched a lawsuit against Motorola's use of its patents in their Android Hardware.

The report came in Taiwan's Commercial Times newspaper, and although Asustech is already denying it, Acer has yet to make any comment on the validity of the news.

This is another in a long line of mobile phone operating system and hardware battles making their way through the courts at the moment. Already, Apple has targeted HTC in a move against Android, while Oracle has also stated that they were not happy with what they say was Java code found in the operating system.

Microsoft had previously announced that it would be licensing their patent portfolio to HTC for use in their Android phones, thus avoiding lawsuits like these.

It will be some time before we hear the results of these cases and it does make you wonder how both Asus and Acer, who have been great at pushing Windows based hardware in the computing market, will react to Microsoft's legal attack.

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