October 13, 2010

Bing and Facebook making a search announcement tomorrow

Microsoft has been working hard the last year and a half to promote Bing as much as possible, even making a multi-million dollar deal with Yahoo! to make Bing its default search engine. It doesn't appear Microsoft is going to be slowing down any time soon, as they will be making a major announcement tomorrow with Facebook, the world's largest social networking website.

The details are still very limited, but according to Allfacebook.com, we could see more integration of Facebook on Bing.com. What we do know is that Microsoft plans on deeply integrating Facebook within Bing's search results, making your results more social. This could possibly mean using your own Facebook data to anticipate what exactly you are looking for, providing better search results.

Sources familiar with the new search deal said that features such as the “like” button on Facebook will be tightly integrated within Bing's search results, a major feature to help aid Bing in taking more market share from Google.

The anonymous data taken from Facebook Links could be populated into Bing, allowing for users to find top shared links, without the need to browse through dozens of search results.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's announcement, as Bing and Facebook plan on announcing their deeper partnership together.

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