October 12, 2010

71% of all tweets are ignored

Over a two month period of time Twitter users were able to tweet 1.2 billion times which gave Sysomos, a provider of social media monitoring and analytics technology, more than enough data to analyze just how much your followers care about what you have to say. They found that over the two month period, only 6% (72 million) of all tweets were retweeted and only 23% (276 million) got at least one reply while the remaining 71% (852 million) got not reaction at all.

While they were analyzing the data, they found that of the 276 million tweets to get a reply, 85% of them were only able to get one reply from their tweet. They also found that 92% of all retweets happen within the first hour. If it has not been retweeted by the first hour, most likely it won't be retweeted at all. This goes for replies as well. If someone plans to reply to your tweet, it will most likely happen within the first hour as they have found to be the case 96% of the time.

Recently, we found out that Twitter uses 12 terabytes of storage a day to hold all of the tweets generated by their users. So, with 71% of the tweets being almost entirely ignored, it seems like they may be wasting space saving tweets forever.

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