September 24, 2010

Why Moms Will Love Internet Explorer 9

Lisa Worthington writes for The Windows Experience Blog and besides being a blogger she is also a Microsoft Windows mommy, who had the great idea of giving “Windows moms” everywhere her top reasons for which she loves Internet Explorer 9.

The first reason on her list is the simplicity and cleanness of the browser, along with a prettier MSN screen and a wider view of the website.

The browsing experience becomes simpler and clearer, and you can actually focus on your website content.

Another advantage is the browser's speed, and the novelty is that it starts fast and it stays that way throughout the processes.

The third good reason to love IE9 is that websites look and feel more like an application, meaning they look better and load a lot faster.

Internet Explorer 9 make better usage of the computer's hardware performances through Windows, and this makes text, graphic and videos on websites look much better than before.

The New Tab page is also very helpful for a mom that has a lot of work to do, but also wants to work on her PC without always adding everything she likes to favorites.

This new feature is “intuitive” and allows you to access your most visited websites by simply clicking on them.

Also, for comparing information on two different tabs, IE9 allows you, by using Windows Aero Snap, to literally snap one page to the left of your screen and one to the right and have a side-by-side comparison.

Finally the pinning option: simply open the website you want to pin and drag the icon to the left of the web address to the taskbar, and that's it!

It's a very easy way of having your favorite websites closer to you and you can even explore your pinned website by using Jump Lists.

Now, if Lisa Worthington clearly likes the IE9 then maybe you will too, either you are a mom or not, and to find out you can download it here.

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