September 21, 2010

What is iPhone jailbreak ?

Jailbreaking the iPhone is nothing but allowing third party applications to get installed on the iPhone. When an iPhone is said to be jailbroken, the owner can install any version of firmware, software or third party applications on it.

Difference between Jailbreaking and Unlocking an iPhone :

There is a very popular misconception on jailbreaking and unlocking. Are they both one and the same? The answer is ‘No’. There is a small difference between the two. Unlocking refers to the process of opening up the iPhone to support all carriers, not only the AT & T which is the official carrier approved by Apple.

Reasons for Jailbreaking :

There are five main reasons for Jailbreaking an iPhone and they are listed as follows.

Installing third party apps using Cydia and Installer

There are hundreds of thousands of applications designed and released exclusively for the iPhones. App Store contains thousands of fantastic applications yet there are several more great applications which are banned by Apple to get into the App Store. IPhone users can download these great apps which are not found in the App Store, via Cydia and Installer. For installing via Cydia and Installer, we need to have our iPhone jailbreaken!

For Video recording

iPhone does not support Video recording. This is a major drawback on the iPhones. But this can be achieved just by iPhone Jailbreak.

To change the look and feel of the iPhone

It may be damn boring to see the same old icons on the iPhone. By jailbreaking, themes can be applied with the help of ‘Winterboard’ and a cool view of the iPhone can be obtained.

To get full control over the iPhone

This is not a big reason for non-technical users of iPhone whereas for the geeks, this may be a very essential reason for jailbreaking the iPhone. By jailbreaking, we can even install a lightweight version of HTTP server and other servers. Pretty cool isn’t it?

To unlock the iPhone

Finally, for unlocking the iPhones, they must be jailbroken. Here jailbreaking becomes very essential.

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