September 24, 2010

Samsung Begins Production of 8GB DDR3 Modules for Laptops

Though some may think even 4GB of memory is enough for most applications, workstations and enthusiasts seem to disagree, to the point where Samsung decided it was time to start making SoDIMMs of 8GB each.

Since DDR4 memory is still a long way off, makers of memory modules are quite bent on boosting not just clock speeds, but raw capacity as well.

Samsung seems to be one of the more radical bunch, having issued a press release in which it announces that 8GB DDR3 will soon show up on the market.
These SoDIMMs (small outline dual inline memory modules) will be used in mobile computers and especially workstation.

For those interested in the specifications, the new memory is built using the 40nm manufacturing process technology.

It will have the DDR3 DRAMs set in a 1G x64 configurations and consume just 1.5V of power, which is the standard for DDR3. As for the clock speed, it will be of 1,333 MHz.

Samsung even made a point of mentioning that its new RAM has already been adopted by Dell in its 15-inch Precision M4500 mobile workstation.

“Dell, a leading workstation provider, quickly embraced the industry’s highest density DRAM by being the first to launch 32GB mobile workstations with the Samsung 8GB module,” said Jim Elliott, vice president, memory marketing and product planning, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

“These high speed modules provide faster data processing for design engineers and other professionals who want workstations that not only hum, but sing,” he added.

As of now, the maximum memory capacity for the Dell precision M4500 is 32 GB.
“By offering the highest density memory modules available from Samsung, CAD, CAM, Oil and Gas and other professionals can load and manage larger data sets in less time, making the possibilities for productivity and creativity almost limitless,” stated Greg Weir, Senior Manager, Dell Precision Workstations Product and ISV Marketing.

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