September 18, 2010

Office for Mac 2011 hits RTM

We are celebrating the “Release to Manufacturing” of Office for Mac 2011. This means we’ve signed off on final testing and the product is officially getting sent on its way to production and to customers. We’ll be cranking the Microsoft ship siren and celebrating in all of our team locations (Redmond, Microsoft Silicon Valley, Beijing, Dublin and Tokyo), raising a glass to Office 2011!

As you can likely guess, I’m pretty glad to be posting this news. We started two and a half years ago with some big goals to deliver major improvements customers have requested as well as new stuff we were dreaming up, and to release faster than we had before. We also made a big commitment to invest heavily in “the basics” – fundamentals of software quality including design polish and finish, consistency and usability, and particularly performance and responsiveness, and to re-engineer our internal development processes around those goals. And we’re releasing the bits on the exact day we planned.

We love building this software, creating tools we hope you can use to make every day a little easier and get your work done fast and well. But our favorite part is shipping and getting it into your hands. The feedback from our usability and beta tests has been great so far, but the real test is when you take the software for a spin and see how well it works for you – we truly hope you do, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

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