September 24, 2010

Bloggers Get Access to Microsoft Broadcaster

Microsoft Broadcaster is a service for IT professionals, aspiring technologists and developers, so that they can have access to Microsoft content in a fast and simple way.

This service also allows them to publish official Microsoft information on their blogs, in the newsletters they send or in user group communications.

The catch is that this is actually an invitation-only program, and in order for bloggers to have access to special content from Microsoft, the company's officer responsible with access, must provide it.

Normally, if some criteria are respected, the access is granted, without forgetting the respect of the Terms of Use, of course.

Blogs and websites that benefit from this service usually have a higher traffic, and this is mainly due to the quality of the content and its several forms - webcasts, podcasts, videos or white papers.

Bloggers wanting to join this program need to fill in an application form, that will be later evaluated by the program administrator, who has the final saying and is able to invite them, if they qualify, to join Microsoft Broadcaster.

Some of the criteria you need to fulfill includes being an active blogger, having each month around 300-400 unique users and 4 to 6 posts, minimum.

As long as the applicants are in the United States, IT and developer associations as well as user group communication and IT and developer focused newsletter publishers, can apply too.

The “chosen ones” will have the right to download and embed content without sending traffic away from sites and will have access to custom content classified by keyword and form factor (webcasts, podcasts and videos).
You can customize by product - Windows, SharePoint, Microsoft Office – and you will have the option of setting alerts for content updates.

Now, Microsoft Broadcaster is an invitation-only program, but if you are a Microsoft Partner, MVP, MCP, you could pre-qualify, TWC reports.

Also, according to Microsoft, people who live outside the United States and would like to use the Microsoft Content, they are welcome to do so, but they should know that at this point there is no specific content for other countries.

If you have any questions you can send an email to

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