August 2, 2010

Microsoft Co-Sponsors Record Breaking 70 Giga-Pixel 360 Panorama of Budapest


The observation tower of János-hegy, the highest vantage point of Budapest with a 360 degree panorama.  It also allowed them to take on previous world records in both the "highest definition image" and the "largest spherical panorama" category.


The World Record required a high definition Sony A900 25MP camera using a telephoto lens with an extremely narrow field of view.  Fitted with a 400mm Minolta lens and 1,4X teleconverter, it provided a 2,4 degree horizontal FOW per frame.  They estimated a 60 gigapixel image (with the necessary overlaps) would require 5040 individual photographs — 24 rows with 210 frames in each, taken with a 360 degree horizontal and a 60 degree vertical FOV.  Counting with 4 seconds per frame (during which the robotic head re-adjusts for the next shot), it would take a minimum of 6 hours to complete.  (It actually took 20,000+ images over a course of a few days!)

Please Check-out --> 70 Giga-Pixel 360 Panorama of Budapest

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