August 18, 2010

Intel Announces 1.8GHz D425 and D525 Atom Processors for Home and Small Business Servers

Intel have announced an update to its line of home and small business server processors with the launch of the single-core D425 and dual-core D525 Atom chips. The 1.8GHz processors broaden Intel’s offering in the low power segment, boosting server performance with faster processing speeds and support for DDR3 memory.

The company points to a swathe of storage and server manufacturers including Acer, Cisco, LaCie, LG, NETGEAR, QNAP, Super Micro, Synology and Thecus who have adopted Intel’s D410 and D510 Atom processors over the last six months, many of which we’ve reviewed previously.

Expect to see the new processors start to appear in new network attached storage devices, home and small business servers in the coming months.

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