July 29, 2010

President Obama to be featured in Madden 2011

This year’s Madden game is set to be a major improvement over its predecessors. One major aspect of the game that is getting an overhaul is the Super Bowl. Previous Madden games made the Super Bowl feel like simply another game. With Madden 2011, the Super Bowl will be seen in most if not all of its glory.

IGN compared the Super Bowl in prior iterations of Madden to spending a Saturday afternoon spent on the couch with a bag of potato chips. It was very much a non-event compared to what we would have seen on TV during the actual Super Bowl. Thankfully, the developers have taken notice and Madden 2011’s Super Bowl will likely live up to its name.

The event begins with the final whistle blow as the confetti begins to fall. The team comes up to center stage and accepts the Lombardi trophy. Along the way, the announcers comment on each step of the event and add a great sense of immersion to the experience.

The celebration culminates towards a finale that showcases the team meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House. The fact that President Obama is seen in the game marks a continuation of Presidential appearances in sports video games. IGN posted a video of the celebration that you can view here.

According to N4G, “Following the footsteps of Bill Clinton being included in NBA Jam, Barack Obama, the President of USA is included in Madden NFL 11.” It is very clear that the developers intend to make Madden 2011’s Super Bowl and other gameplay a memorable experience.

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