July 29, 2010

Office for Mac 2011 will have conversation view in Outlook

Microsoft has already said Office for Mac 2011, set for release by the holidays, will do away with Entourage and bring in Outlook. On Wednesday, Microsoft said Outlook for Mac will also include conversation view.

Conversation view was popularized by Gmail, Google's Web-based e-mail service. Companies like Microsoft and Apple have since been incorporating the idea -- in which e-mail strings are grouped together -- into their software.

Under the hood, Outlook for Mac will sport a new database that's searchable via the Spotlight search function on Mac computers. Office for Mac 2011 also will come with a new document template gallery.

Microsoft also is aligning Office for Mac with Office for Windows by incorporating the "ribbon" user interface first introduced with Office 2007 (for Windows). "We didn't just port in the PC version and squeeze it in," Eric Wilfred, general manager of Microsoft's Mac Business Unit, said in February. "We built our ribbon from the ground up."

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