July 14, 2010

Facebook, Windows Live added to Outlook Social Connector

Well, Microsoft missed its "first half of 2010" release time frame, but not by much. The company on Tuesday added support for Facebook and Windows Live to its Outlook Social Connector, which integrates users' social networks with their inboxes.

The Connector, which is included in Office 2010 and is available as a downloadable add-on for Office 2007 and 2003, pulls down the recent social-network activities of a user's e-mail contacts. Microsoft first released it in February with support for MySpace and LinkedIn.

Outlook Social Connector is similar to a popular add-on called Xobni, which also includes a speedy search function for e-mails, contacts and attachments.

But the Social Connector is one-way; users are able to pull data down from online social networks, but they're not able to push their own info -- status updates, photo uploads, whatever -- back to the Web. But for customers connected through a local network, the add-on allows communication through Outlook.

Outlook users can download the Facebook and Windows Live support bits at those links. More info and a Channel 9 video explanation are available here.

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