June 11, 2010

Microsoft releases Alpha version of IIS streaming for Silverlight and Apple devices

IIS Transform Manager 1.0 (Alpha)

Runs encoding tasks to convert media files to on-demand Smooth Streams for Silverlight clients and Apple mobile digital devices.

IIS Transform Manager 1.0 (Alpha) provides an extensible media transform engine for IIS Media Services 4.0 that enables "watch folder" job submission, queuing, management, integrated media transcoding / transmuxing, and batch-encryption of on-demand audio and video files. It facilitates the execution of transform tasks after media arrives at a watch folder. Examples of such transforms include transcoding existing content in Windows Media or MP4 format, or transmuxing Smooth Streaming files encoded with H.264 (AVC) video and AAC-LC audio codecs into MPEG-2 Transport Stream (MPEG-2 TS) format for delivery to Apple devices.

Download details IIS Transform Manager

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