April 4, 2010

References to new iPhone, iPod and iPad discovered

Today is the first day the iPad went on sale across America, and already information about the new iPhone, iPod and iPad have already been discovered in the file system, according to Boy Genius.


Inside the file system, there is references to two different iPhone's, which could possibly confirm the reports of a CDMA iPhone for Verizon we reported earlier last week.  The first of the findings is the iPhone3,2 & iPhone3,3, showing indication that two unknown iPhone devices are in the works.

The next of the findings, iPod4,1, which would be a completely different hardware revision, which we could possibly see when the next generation of iPhone (iPhone HD?) is set to be announced on June 22, 2010.

The last on the list, the iProd2,1 (not a spelling mistake), is listed under the file system, along with the iPad1,1.  As speculated by BGR, this could be a major revision to the iPad.

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