April 4, 2010

Pros & Cons of Apple iPad

Specs of the iPad:

• 0.5 inch wide
• 1.5 pounds, which is thinner and lighter than any netbook on the market
• Same App Store and operating system as the iPhone and the iPod Touch
• 9.7-inch LED backlit display
• 178-degree viewing angle
• Up to 10 hours of battery life
• Uses your home Wi-Fi. A 3G version that will use AT&T's network will launch in a few weeks
• 499 dollars for the 16-gig model
• 599 dollars for the 32-gig model
• 699 dollars for the 64-gig model


• It doesn't multi-task.

• It is a fingerprint magnet. For something so elegant, it sure does look pretty grimy after a few minutes of use

• It is heavier than you think it is. Using it as an e-book reader can be difficult if you are planning to hold it like a book for prolonged periods of time

• Typing on the keyboard can be hard to get used to. You have to set it down to place your hands on the keyboard, which is awkward and odd. I don't think you'll be composing long e-mails on it.

• It will not replace your notebook or phone. You won't be able to produce a lot on this. It is meant for you to consume media like music and video. Producing things like video, photo, or written text is not really the best experience.

• It is expensive for something you're not sure you need yet. There is always the chance that Apple will lower the price in a few months like they did with the iPhone. There is also a very good chance that a camera will be installed in the next installation of the device so if video calling is important to you, you might want to wait.

• It is not a high definition experience. High resolution but not HD

• You cannot annotate your books from the iTunes store so if you are reading a book you bought through Apple, you can't take notes on the book or mark passages like you can on the Kindle."

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