April 11, 2010

"IE Password Remember Tool" - Remembers & Forgets Your Internet Explorer's Web Forms Passwords.

Microsoft MSDN Blogger, Eric Law, has released his IE Password Remember Tool that helps manage (remember & forget) your Internet Explorer's web forms passwords.

IE Password Remember Tool - Internet Explorer will not re-prompt to save your password if you’ve previously clicked “No” to store the password for a particular username.

Internet Explorer stores this “No” in the Password List.  Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to reverse your decision if you later change your mind and do want to store the password.  Within IE itself, the only way to reset any “Do Not Remember” decision is to wipe all of your previously-stored passwords, for all sites (using the Delete Browsing History feature).

Eric's "trivial utility" (his words, not mine!) allows clearing the password list for a specified URL

Download  IE Password Remember Tool

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