April 4, 2010

Microsoft releases Windows 7 Gujarati, Galician, Basque & Uzbek LIP’s

Microsoft release several Language Interface Packs for Windows 7 this week. Starting with the Gujarati LIP, the  Galician (Galego) LIP, Basque (Euskara) LIP & Uzbek (O’zbekcha) LIP were also released.

Visit Download Pages:

Windows 7 Gujarati Language Interface Pack

Paquete de idioma de interface de Windows 7

Windows 7-ren hizkuntza-interfazearen paketea LIP

Windows 7 Til interfeysi paket


The main difference between Language Interface Pack (LIP) and Language Pack (LP) is in the level of localization in comparison to Language Pack (LP) packages:

LIP packages provide the desktop user with the most frequently accessed user interface and basic user assistance support (help files). In addition, LIP is installed as a language add-on on top of an existing LP with base language dependency (Catalan LIP can only be installed on top of Spanish or French LP, Welsh LIP can only be installed on top of English LP).  In addition, once a LIP is installed, switching the user interface between the LIP language and the LP base language is possible for users on all versions of Windows. LIP relies on the same resource-loading technology that MUI LP is built on, and installs ontop of one base LP (in most cases).

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