April 9, 2010

Google Releases "7plus" Auto-Hotkey Windows 7 Add-on

7plus is a project, written in Autohotkey, which tries to make working with Windows much more comfortable by adding features to explorer, window handling, and lots of other small tweaks. For example it allows you to quickly upload files to an FTP server directly from explorer with a single hotkey, navigate to your favorite folders with numpad keys, keep windows always on top, etc...

7plus Features:

    • Store favorite folders and recall them for very fast navigation

    • Upload files, screenshots and clipboard content directly to an FTP server with just one hotkey

    • Create new folders and textfiles by pressing F8/F7

    • Paste text or image from clipboard as file

    • Show favorite folders in the explorer folder band bar like Web Browser favorite bars

    • Make Backspace go upwards again

    • Set windows to be "Always on top" by right clicking the title bar

    • Activate blinking windows and toggle between current and previous window with Capslock

    • Close windows by middle clicking task buttons

    • Paste previous clipboard text entries by pressing WIN+V

    • Use a Joypad/Gamepad to remote control the mouse, keyboard and zoom

Download --> 7plus

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