March 25, 2010

Download Programming Windows Phone 7 Series Guide

Microsoft is encouraging developers to code applications for Windows Phone 7 Series and offering a preview of book entitled “Programming Windows 7 Phone Series” authored by Microsoft MVP Charles Petzold.

The guide is expert view of the book and will release by Fall 2010. It has total 6 Chapters, categorized in 3 parts viz Getting Started, Silverlight & XNA. The chapters are:

image Chapter 1:   Phone Hardware + Your Software
Chapter 2:   Hello, Windows Phone
Chapter 3:   Code and XAML
Chapter 4:   Presentation and Layout
Chapter 5:   Principles of Movement
Chapter 6:   Textures and Sprites



This book is for .NET Programmers or who knows the basic principles of .NET programming and working familiarity with the C# programming language.

The guide can be downloaded here [XPS format] and [PDF format]. The Code samples for this draft preview are also available. [Code Samples]

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