March 28, 2010

Download PHP Command-Line Tools for Windows Azure

Microsoft’s Cloud platform was built with interoperability in mind from the get-go, with early adopters test-driving Windows Azure being able to build applications using not only the .NET Framework, but also PHP, Java, and Ruby. Particular attention was given to open source technologies such as PHP, with a PHP software development kit for Windows Azure already available for download. But in addition to the SKD, devs can now also leverage new command-line tools for PHP, designed to streamline the deployment of apps on Windows Azure. Windows Azure Command-line Tools for PHP Developers is currently available for download via CodePlex.

“Developers [can] easily package and deploy PHP applications to Windows Azure using a simple command-line tool without any Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This project is actually the result of feedback we received from many PHP developers who are using various IDEs (or none), who told us that a command-line tool would be a great addition to the Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse project,” Sumit Chawla, technical PM/architect, Microsoft Interoperability Strategy Team, noted.

Chawla was present at MIX10 in Las Vegas the past week, where he presented the “Building PHP Applications using the Windows Azure Platform” session. It was at MIX10 that the Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Windows Azure Command-line Tools for PHP was announced. The tools are available under an open source BSD license.

“The tools assist with creating new applications or converting existing PHP applications to Windows Azure and by creating the deployment package (.cspkg) and Configuration file (.cscfg). They will let developers deploy to the local Development Fabric or the Windows Azure Cloud for production,” Chawla stated, enumerating the steps that devs needed to take. “Make sure you’ve gathered the assets to deploy (PHP engine, Code source, PHP Extensions). Run the Command-line with your custom parameters to create the package. Upload the deployment package (.cspkg) and configuration file (.cscfg) to Windows Azure.”

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