March 31, 2010

App Store hits Facebook

Vitrue and the iTunes team at Apple have successfully created a Facebook page for Apple's App Store, allowing you access to over 150,000 apps, plus the following features listed on the Vitrue Blog.

"The new App Store page features the following Vitrue solutions, allowing fans to more easily find and share apps with their friends:

  • A “Featured” tab including highlights from the App Store, such as “App Store Essentials,” “App of the Week”  and Top Charts listing the most downloaded apps.
  • A “Games” tab to showcase featured games and Top Charts specifically for Games.
  • A “Search & Share” tab allowing fans to search for their favorite apps (via the App Store API) and share them with their friends without ever leaving Facebook.
  • Vitrue’s SRM (Social Relationship Manager) powering advanced wall posts, complete with scheduling, tracking and moderation capabilities."

Vitrue claim that Facebook and the App Store are currently the two "hottest" application development platforms and "bringing the two together is a match made in heaven".

Vitrue also say that they will add new features to the page in the coming months, which will allow fans to search more effectively and explore what apps their friends like.

This project will follow the success of their previous collaboration with Apple on the iTunes Facebook page, which now has over 3.3 million fans.

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