February 25, 2010

Browser Choice website from Microsoft

BrowserChoice.eu is a new website from Microsoft designed in accordance with a competition law decision issued by the European Commission.

The browsers on offer are : Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera, Chrome, Safari, K-Melon, FlashPeak, Avant, Sleipner, Flock & Green Browser.

You can set any browser to be your default browser and turn access to any browser on or off. You can add browsers to your computer and leave access to Internet Explorer turned on, or you can easily turn it off.

It even offers you information on how to turn Internet Explorer off!

To help ensure that you receive the program you want from a publisher and web site you trust, you may be asked questions when downloading. This is a standard protection offered by Microsoft Windows aimed to increase security and is not specific to the browsers displayed on BrowserChoice.eu.

Visit BrowserChoice.eu.

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